Work Skills Development and Employment

New Horizons provides vocational training for those individuals who are interested in employment opportunities out in the community. Our goal is to help them build work skills to become contributing members of the community. New Horizons staff provides hands-on training and oversee the work quality and production. 

Our members are usually placed into employment enclaves. An employment enclave refers to a small group of supervised individuals working within the community.  Trained job coaches provide instruction, supervision, and serve as a liaison between the community employer and New Horizons Corporation.

Oftentimes it is hard to get employers to open their eyes, hearts and minds to the idea of employing people with disability because they are stuck on the β€œdis” thinking they are unable. Then is just not the case. We have certified employment specialist that work tirelessly with potential employers helping them see our people in a different light. See below, some of the examples of their fine work.

A Few of Our Employment Partners