Founder Wanda Burkett. Executive Director 1971-1992

Founder Wanda Burkett. Executive Director 1971-1992


Founded by a group of family members in 1971 with a common goal of broadening the lives of individuals with disabilities and allowing them to participate fully as included members of society.  Not having their own facilities, New Horizons worked out of a church.

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In 1990 New Horizons was built at present location.


Throughout the 1980s and 1990s we have a few Executive Directors that served New Horizons Corporation: John Reditt, Terry Grammon and even Lynn Burkett, daughter of  Founder, Wanda Burkett.


Beginning in 2000 through today New Horizons Corporation has been awarded major contracts with Wilson Sports, Austin Foam, Crown Packaging and many other well-known brands.


New Horizons is greatly affected by the 2010 Great Nashville Flood, which destroyed 17 vehicles, 2 air units and a greenhouse. On a happier note, this is the year we start up our Friday Karaoke! Come by each day on Friday and join in on the fun. 


In 2014 we started our first garden and look forward to planting and growing new plants, vegetables and fruit all year long. 


In 2015 our current Executive Director, Aisha Mansaray, steps in. In 2017 New Horizons is named as a 2-Star Agency!