Supported Employment

Supported Employment allows our individuals to perform work for pay while having a job coach oversee and instruct them as they perform daily tasks out in the community. While our ultimate goal is to help our individuals obtain competitive employment, Supported Employment allows us to obtain the funds from the employer and re-reimburse the individuals.


Facility Day Program

A day at New Horizons could consist of many different activities from day-to-day, receiving pre-vocational training, to gardening, arts and crafts or joining in on our Fantastic Friday Karaoke sessions. Each day is engaging and rewarding for those that participate.

Pre-vocational skills may consist of reading, writing, application or resume completion, and even money handling. While the state is forcing us to phase out this program we will continue to serve those individuals that need our help for as long as we possibly can.


In-home Care

In-home care is available for those that need to learn skills within their home but are unable to leave to receive training at our facility. Other individuals just need some everyday assistance in their daily lives like doing laundry, preparing meals, bathing and many other things many of us take for granted.


Community Based

Community Based consists of fun outings that allow our individuals to interact and integrate with other members of our community. These outings are tailored to each individuals desires or needs. This could be anything such as but not limited to movies, parks and recreation, exercise, learning at a local library, shopping and just about anything else you can think of.