New Horizons Corporation offers a variety of  programming to enrich the lives of adults with developmental disabilities.

On-Site Vocational Facility

New Horizons provides vocational training and employment opportunities at the Harding Place facility.  Here individuals build work skills and complete contract work with the goal of becoming contributing members of the community.  New Horizons staff provide hands on training and oversee the work quality and production.  All participants are paid for their vocational production.

Day Services Activity Center

New Horizons takes pride in enriching the lives of our agency participants.  Community outings like visiting the zoo or attending sporting events, participating in yoga or wellness programs provide increased self-esteem and a sense of community acceptance.

Community Employment Enclaves

An Employment Enclave refers to a small group of supervised individuals working within the community.  Trained job coaches provide instruction, supervision, and serve as a liaison between the community employer and New Horizons Corporation.

Supported Living 

New Horizons provides community based supported living opportunities in 2 to 3 person "Wavier" homes and/or apartments.  Twenty-four (24) hour support staff monitor and oversee the day to day routine of each home and facilitate all health needs within the residence.  The altimate goal of Supported Living programming is to assist the individual in becoming an accepted and valued member of his/or community.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and Employment Services
New Horizons has entered into an agreement with the Tennessee Division of Rehabilitation Services to provide Vocational training to individuals with developmental disabilities.  New Horizons conducts Vocational Assessments, identifies individual interests and aptitude, develope person-centered customized employment placements, and provides Job Coaching guidance to assure success.  New Horizons monitors individual progress throughout his/her employemt.

For information on the various programming options contact:
Me'Ausha Key  - Day Center Supervisor.  (615) 866-7790 or 360-8595 
Norma Jordan- Residential Manager  (615) 360-8595 ext. 116
Erika Parker - HR Manager  (615) 360-8595 ext. 109
Tommy Hall - Day Services.  (615) 360-8595 ext. 102
Rusty Roberts - Community Enclave Employment.  (615) 360-8595 ext. 106
Gary Schmitt - Vocational Services.  (615) 360-8595